12:27am June 13/14, 08 (Journal 2)

Foreword: For the sake of authenticity, the only editing and censoring that has been done are name changes of people mentioned within the entries. I have also added paragraph breaks when necessary for better organization, since in journal 2 onward I write continuously with no distinction between subject change.

Note: Bold italics represents words/sentences that have been crossed out in the journal entry.

I just came from Jessica’s mom’s apartment. She was throwing a summer party, and invite Hayley, Madison, Bailee, and Me.At first we just ate snacks and wait for the pizza to be delivered. Then after the pizza came we all went into Jessicas room and sang & danced to music. Jessica then started to beg us to play apples to Apples, so we started to play it,but then w someone I forget who)kept talking and not paying attention to the game. So Jessica just stopped trying to make us play the game. Hayley and I started to mess around with the music. A lil while later JEssica pulled out her yearbook and told all of us to gather around her.We then started to rate guys.Turns out we all really like Philip from my art class.Hes so nice & hes cute.Hayley likes her neighbor Alex and I like currently like no one. I’m just gonna wait& and see if I meet someone who I end up really liking. like Utada Hikaru’s song says I should just wait and see. I gon So anyway we all ended up making a pact together.here they are.

  1. Before When one of us starts going out with someone we have to consult with everyone in the group.
  2. we have to ask before going out with eachothers ex’s.
  3. friends come before boys
  4. we must always be avialable by phone.incase something big happens.
  5. Once we graduate high school we are all gonna go on a road trip together to organ, Sunriver ,oragen.

So those are the rules we have to abide to.We’re also tear sisters now.We all cryed together.

After the party (when my mom came to get me) my my dad’s car’s battery died.so we had to jump start.My mom was so pissed about the whole ordeal. So now I’m In my room writing this. its 12:58 now.Can’t wait till tommorow. It’s gonna be so fun. 🙂


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