Aug. 25, 08 Mon. 6:47pm (Journal 2)

Foreword: For the sake of authenticity, the only editing and censoring that has been done are name changes of people mentioned within the entries. I have also added paragraph breaks when necessary for better organization, since in journal 2 onward I write continuously with no distinction between subject change.

Note: Bold italics represents words/sentences that have been crossed out in the journal entry.

I ditched Spanish class today. I’m thinking of getting out of that class. Anyway my mom just got really mad at me for ditching. So she grounded me from the computer, a rather harsh punishment if you ask me. Well on a happier note Harvest moon: IoH is coming out tommorow.


The first mention of my poor student tendencies. This particular mention is about a Spanish 0 period I signed up for because my friends were taking it. I ended up disliking the teacher and having little interest in the class. I was more preoccupied by other interests, such as video games like Harvest Moon.


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