This is an excerpt from my recent journal entry regarding the death of a best friend.

It was bound to happen, but you just don’t think it will. For some reason there’s an irrational belief that they’re immortal. Then bam! You’re face to face with the reality of mortality and your own naivety. Thoughts of regret begin to emerge. Memories good and then bad and then good again come back. A rollercoaster picture show. You realize everything you knew yet never thought. The world seems strange. There’s now a hole in the quilt of life. It’ll mend, but never be the same as it was. A forced change that wenches the tears from deep within. You want to scream. Only muffled cries come. You want to scream. You can only crumble. Crumble into a withered frame crying alone. Forced to cope. It’s so sad.


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