Oct 1, 2008 Weds. 8:07pm (Journal 2)

Foreword: For the sake of authenticity, the only editing and censoring that has been done are name changes of people mentioned within the entries. I have also added paragraph breaks when necessary for better organization, since in journal 2 onward I write continuously with no distinction between subject change.

Note: Bold italics represents words/sentences that have been crossed out in the journal entry.

B2 hid achhol from my parents and drank it with all his friends going on the London trip my mom found out. They then got in a huge arguement about it. Mom ended up getting so upset she decided to take a walk and hasn’t come back since. I’m really worried that she might get hurt somehow. Well getting off that subject I’m not friends with Bailee anymore. thank god!


woah I wrote for 7 mins. awesome


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