Mar. 17, 09 9:18pm (Journal 2)

Foreword: For the sake of authenticity, the only editing and censoring that has been done are name changes of people mentioned within the entries. I have also added paragraph breaks when necessary for better organization, since in journal 2 onward I write continuously with no distinction between subject change.

Note: Italicized and stricken through words represent words/sentences that have been crossed out in the journal entry.

Well David rejected Sarah* & she is now super mad at me. Which is super depressing. Though this some how made Michelle and I’s friendship improve dramatically, but I think I’m gonna ruin it because I keep lying to her about a science project. I also think I like Rodney – now nickname Root beer-. I’m gonna get my braces soon. I’m also getting a retainer. Another thing is that Root Beer will be coming w/ us to Sunriver.

Also I ‘m into a new series called Kamichama Karin. Its confusing but cute.


* Swim


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