May 7. 09 9:13pm (Journal 2)

Foreword: For the sake of authenticity, the only editing and censoring that has been done are name changes of people mentioned within the entries. I have also added paragraph breaks when necessary for better organization, since in journal 2 onward I write continuously with no distinction between subject change.

Note: Italicized and stricken through words represent words/sentences that have been crossed out in the journal entry.

I think my complete reformation is going to be a success! I’ve kept to my wrk out, became a lil more gentle and cute, and my wardrobe is improving. Also my Russians coming along really well. But the best thing is that I like changing, cause it doesn’t mean that I have to lose what I love. For example, I’m still a Otaku, I still love eating, and I still don’t like guys in a romantic way. So I’m happy!


I was delusional back then and denying my obvious obsession with love (haha). Tween angst to the max!


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