The idea for the Weekly Renewal came when some friends, one of which came up with the name, suggested I start a blog to post about the crazy and silly things that go on in my life. I decided to go through with it because of 3 reasons.

  • One, I want to share the stories and all the feelings they include to the world.
  • Two, when I tell people all the things that have happened to me they seem to be entertained by it.
  • Third, I love writing and want to improve my writing abilities.

However, ideas are easier to come up with than implement, and it was hard to motivate myself to create and then maintain such a project. It wasn’t until I was rereading some old journals and came up with the idea to publish them that Weekly Renewal became a large part of my life. Now I dedicate at least an hour a day to posting journal entries along with other writing projects of mine.