Welcome to the Gray Room

A brief intro to the Welcome to the Gray Room series.

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H. M. Bird’s List

Foreword: Right here is what many would consider a little black book. These are all the guy’s whom have had an impact on my life through romantic relationships. These are the guy’s this blog was inspired by. The focus of my passage into the real world unguarded by my childhood protections. As with my other list, as the posts continue I will be adding descriptions and new people when they are mentioned in a post. Note: I use normal names for the guys I only went on one date with and have little impact on my story. These are not their real names. No real names have been used. Continue reading

The List

Foreword: The list of the nicknames of family and friends for reader reference. There are going to be a lot of people, as is usual for anyone’s life, involved in my life story. Along with their names, I will be adding brief descriptions once they are mentioned within a post. I will also add more people to the list as the posts continue. No real names have been used. Continue reading